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This interactive, in-person workshop brings awareness of diversity and inclusion concepts to your workplace. It comes with everything you need – a setup guide, facilitator’s guide, and the activity and participant materials – all in one convenient box.

Activity stations are set up around the room for learners to decide which learning activities they want to participate in. Regardless of the activities they choose, learners will achieve the same learning outcomes.

“When others shared their personal experiences, this helped me consider differing perspectives and learn to be more open-minded.”

Understanding Self

Describe what makes you the unique individual you are.

Understanding Others

Recognize what makes others the unique individuals they are.


Consider differences and act respectfully.

Diversity Works comes in a Ready-to-Go kit prepared for you to deliver your brain-friendly, hands-on, interactive learning experience. Each kit includes materials for up to 25 participants. “What’s really great about this is that I can run it. I need a handful of people, but I don’t need outside expertise to run this workshop.”


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